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portable, affordable night landing solutions

night landing with "landing eyes"

The Landing Eyes night landing system provides a clear, illuminated airfield delineating system for runways situated in rural or remote areas where there is no electricity available.
The Landing Eyes System does not replace but rather complements conventional runway lighting in emergency situations when they are not available ( e.g. lightning strikes or theft)

  • permanent runway delineating reflectors illuminating up to 3km off aircraft landing lights
  • portable low power threshold and end lights- powered off car cigarette lighter
  • threshold and end lights visible up to 5km
  • can be used in conjunction with lighted airfields for emergencies (eg runway power failure)
  • low theft value
    Patent Numbers:
    PCT/ZA04/00064 8/6/2004 (international)
    2003/6983 (RSA)
    contact gavin brown · tel : +27 31 2025703/5/6 · fax : +27 31 2025708